Thursday, April 19, 2012

Abby Roadies Live @ Sandrini's

I had no intention of writing a review for the Abby Roadies show from this past Saturday night. I went down to Sandrini's for the sole purpose of shaking my booty and getting lost in music for a couple of hours. And believe me I did! But it was in the early morning hours while I was still under the music high the magical mystery spell cast by the Abby Roadies every time they perform that I saw a post on Facebook that said exactly what I was feeling at that instant. So this blog is really just to share this post and make sure it always has a it's own little home in the cyber world in case Sam Everett for some uknown reason ever deactivates his Facebook account. Here is what he said about the Abby Roadies show at Sandrini's posted April 15th at 2:10am:

"Decided I needed a date with a super hottie I took myself to Sandrini's to check out the Abbey Roadies. You haven't lived until you've seen them play. You just haven't. You only think you're inhaling and exhaling right now. You only think you're functioning with a beating heart. You're not. You're dead. You're dead to me, at least. But you can fix this: GO SEE THEM AT SANDRINI'S JUNE 2ND!!!" This is exactly what I was feeling!!!!

That's right folks rumor has it The Abby Roadies will be back at Sandrini's June 2 to perform Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band!!! If this goes down someone needs to video tape it because I will be out of town!

There is my review folks! Thank you Sam! Here's some pictures I'm really proud of!

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  1. Well said, Mr. Reviewer. These folks love the music, each a gifted musician. Have caught all but one of their shows, and can't wait for Sgt. Pepper.