Saturday, November 27, 2010

Derek Jeter

It's no big secret I'm no Yankee fan. But I am a baseball fan and I'll tell you this. If I have to witness Derek Jeter take the field in 2011 in any other uniform other then the one he's worn since 95 after being drafted by the Yankees in the first round of the 92 amateur draft as the 6th pick overall. I am going to be one sad baseball fan.

He's been Mr Yankee since he first took the 6 spot on the Yankee Infield in 95. In 2001 we even crowned him Mr November after his historic game winning homer hit on November 1st just after midnight. I didn't even have to look that one up I just remember it because like the Yankees or night I know history when I see it.

But right now I don't see a legend I just see another greedy athlete going after more then they are currently worth. Over his career Jeter has earned over 200 million from baseball alone that's not counting endorsements.

He's had a career other players would die for. He's appeared in 147 post season games 7 World Series, 11 All Star Games. He's got 5 rings! He could retire right now and be guaranteed a spot in Cooperstown. Or he could take what the Yankees have offered and retire a few years from now still a Yankee still a legend and not another Brett Favre (sorry Megs I had to go there).

This is why I was sad when Cal Ripkin Jr retired. Not because I was an Oriole fan but because I knew we were seeing the last of a dying breed retire. The players who played their entire career with one team. Through thick and thin through good seasons and bad. Players who took what they were currently worth and didn't demand big dollars for what they had done on the past.

The sad part here is some little kid in the Bronx right now rocking his 35 dollar Yankee cap and his 150 dollar Jeter jersey is watching this whole thing play out and is learning. But what is he learning?

Ah man I swear I don't enjoy writing rants because I think they are lame but I just had to sound off on this topic because baseball is something I love and when I see wrong I have to say something or I am just as guilty for not trying to fix the ill as those for doing it by not trying to fix it. Word?

And I'm not alone on this one, Tweeps are sounding off on Twitter too:

ryanstrang: derek #jeter is out of his mind!

Michael_Redman: Does Jeter really think he is still worth $25 million a year? Is he kidding? #jeter #Yankees #whatajoke #areyoukiddingme #old

DKulich44: If #Jeter truly cared about winning, he'd stay in New York for peanuts. Don't get me wrong, deserves to be paid, but he's being outlandish.

islandrevis: We don't owe you nothing #jeter you need the #yankees - YANKEES don't need you

...and like I said:

illasever: Someone tell Jeter the Dodgers will give him 20 mil for 3 seasons but he's gotta play 3rd offer!!!

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